Clarksville Lake Interest Committee

Chairman Members
John Charles Lee Robert “Buck” Buchanan
Executive Officer Frank Ruff
Kevin Allgood Vince Torres
Captain Lou Zarelli
Linda Davenport
Brian Mosier

The goal of the Committee is to educate and inform the Town Council, Clarksville area residents, and other local governments on matters that impact the lake and our community. The role of the committee is to:

  1. Monitor lake-related matters, including, but not limited to flood storage management, lake levels, water supply planning and allocation, recreation and tourism, safety, pollution, aquatic flora and fauna, and other issues that may arise that are of concern to quality of life.
  2. Develop science-based understanding of key issues and identify policy or management options for resolution, where appropriate, and serve as a reliable local information resource.
  3. Educate local citizens and other users of the resource about issues, consequences, and options.
  4. Share findings with other affected communities and stakeholders.
  5. Provide basis for Town and community to be an effective and reliable advocate to policymakers and management and regulatory agencies that are responsible for policy-making and management of the resource.