The Demographics of Clarksville Virginia

Population & Size

Population: 1,231
Size: 3.42 square miles or 2188 acres
Sea Level: 330 feet above
Incorporated: 1818

Taxes & Rates

(see Rate Information for more details on all of the below)

Real Estate Taxes: $0.28 (February 1st)
Personal Property Taxes: $1.65 (February 1st)
Meal Taxes 5% and Lodging Taxes 5.5% (monthly)
Business License: $30.00 minimum
Golf Cart Registration: $25.00 (January 1st)

District Information

State Senate District: 15
House of Delegates District: 61
Congressional District: 5
Planning District: 13

Meeting Schedules
Town Council meets: 3rd Tuesday at 7:30pm Town Hall

Town Facilities

Clarksville Community Center – 103 Woodland Drive 374-2905
Fine Arts Center – 914 Virginia Avenue
Robbins Ballpark – 104 Woodland Drive
Town Dock – Virginia Avenue (beside Lake Motel)