Kickoff of the Zoning Ordinance Update

The Clarksville Town Council has authorized the Clarksville Planning Commission to begin the process of updating the town’s 1988 zoning ordinances to reflect the direction recommended in the 2015 Comprehensive Plan and to position the town for future growth and development. To help with this effort, the Town of Clarksville & the Clarksville Planning Commission has entered into an agreement with Dr. Michael Chandler to facilitate this process. Dr. Chandler has worked in community planning and zoning for (42) years and holds a master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning and a PhD in Public Administration. Dr. Chandler served on the faculty at Virginia Tech for (27) years and developed the Virginia Certified Planning Commissioner’s Program and the Virginia Certified BZA Program. During his time at Virginia Tech, he was a member of the Blacksburg Planning Commission and served on the Blacksburg Town Council.

The process of updating the town’s zoning ordinance will require approximately (12) months to finalize and will be divided into (2) distinct segments. The first segment of this project will be to initiate a zoning ordinance assessment of the current ordinances and make appropriate recommendations for updating. In order to facilitate this process, Dr. Chandler will distribute a zoning assessment survey to the members of the Town Council, Planning Commission, The Board of Zoning Appeals, Economic Development Authority, and other community stakeholders. Once completed, the surveys will be returned to Dr. Chandler who will tally the responses. He also plans to interview the participants of the survey and to conduct a public meeting to discuss the findings. Once this is completed, he will submit his recommendations on proceeding with the update. This process will require (3-4) months to complete. The last segment of this process will be the actual rewriting of the zoning ordinances and subsequent approval by the Planning Commission and Town Council and will require approximately (9) months.

An introductory meeting with Dr. Chandler and above mentioned groups was held at the Town Hall, on Tuesday, July 19th from 6:30- 7:30 pm. Listed below is an overview of how the process will occur.

Town of Clarksville

Overview of Zoning Ordinance Update

Consultant: Chandler Planning ( Dr. Michael Chandler)

Phase 1- Diagnostic Analysis and Recommendations

  1. Beginning July 1,2016, Chandler Planning will initiate the diagnostic process by drafting and distributing a zoning assessment survey to members of the Clarksville Planning Commission, Town Council, Board of Zoning Appeals, Economic Development representatives, and selected stakeholders.
  2. Feedback from the survey will be tallied by Chandler Planning in advance  of interviewing all members of the Planning Commission, Town Council, Board of Zoning Appeals, EDA representatives and key town staff.
  3. An open house will be held for town residents to share their thoughts and impressions regarding the current Clarksville Zoning Ordinance in addition to identifying enhancements and improvements that could be a part of the zoning ordinance update.
  4. Following the interviews and open house, Chandler Planning will provide a draft summary findings report that will be distributed to all members of the Planning Commission, Town Council and the BZA.
  5. Chandler Planning will meet with the Planning Commission, Town Council and the BZA to discuss the findings included in the draft zoning ordinance diagnostic report. A follow-up open house will be scheduled to share the summary findings with the general public.
  6. Chandler Planning will draft a final zoning ordinance diagnostic report for review and approval by the Planning Commission and Town Council. This report will be the foundation for revising and rewriting the Clarksville Zoning Ordinance.
  7. Estimated time requirement associated with Phase 1 will be approximately 3-4 months.

Phase 2-Zoning Ordinance Revision/ Rewrite

  1. During the rewrite process, Chandler Planning will meet with the Planning Commission and the Town Council at least 4 times during the process.
  2. A set of draft materials would be sent to all parties prior to the scheduled meeting.
  3. An open house would take place during the 4th month of the rewrite process to allow additional input from the public.
  4. Final Draft would be provided to the Planning Commission and Town Council and made available to the public.
  5. Once approved by the Planning Commission, a public hearing on the proposed zoning ordinance will be help pending final approval by the Town Council
  6. Estimated time requirements associated with Phase 2 will be approximately 6-9 months.

If you have any questions, please contact the Town Hall at 434-374-8177 or email the Town Manager at Thanks.