Reminder: Private Property Maintenance

The Town of Clarksville is requesting assistance from the residents and business owners of the Town of Clarksville to assist in continuing to make the Town of Clarksville a great place to live, shop, visit, and conduct business.

In the coming weeks, the Town Staff will be enhancing our efforts to address properties in the Town limits that are in violation of the Town Ordinances in regards to Private Property Maintenance and Abandoned Buildings and Structures.

These ordinances were put in place many years ago to help insure that the Town remains a safe, attractive, and healthy place for the residents and visitors. The first step in this enhanced effort is to educate our property and business owners on what the requirements and expectations are. Listed below are the related Town of Clarksville Ordinances for your review.


(A) Owners and/or residents of property,residences, or business within the town, whether the property is vacant or occupied, shall keep such property maintained so as not to be unsightly, unsanitary, unhealthy, or a danger to any other citizen or a nearby structure.

(B) It shall be unlawful for any person to deposit, or abandon garbage, refuse, debris, dead animals or fish or other waste materials on the property of another.

(C) It shall be unlawful for any person to store,deposit, or abandon junked or derelict motor vehicles, boats,trailers, and the like on their property or the property of another.

(D) Owners of vacant property are responsible that their property does not become overgrown with weeds or brush so that it is unsightly or becomes a breeding place for rodents or otherwise presents a health hazard.

(E) Owners or residents shall not allow dirt, mud clay, sand, coal, gravel, crushed stone, litter, refuse, lawn debris, or sewage waste to be spilled, dumped, stored, or washed upon public streets, alleyways, sidewalks, or property belonging to another.

(F)  No person shall allow their pet animals to defecate on or otherwise create a nuisance on or destroy or damage the property of others.


Buildings and structures condemned by the Health or Building Official shall constitute a nuisance and shall be repaired or removed from the property at the expense of the owner.


Abandoned buildings and structures which have been, allowed to deteriorate to the point that they are unsafe, constitute a fire hazard or in any way endanger the public health, safety or welfare of residents of the town constitute a nuisance and shall be repaired or removed from the property at the expense of the owner.

Violations of these Ordinances may result in misdemeanor charges.

If you have any questions concerning these ordinances you can visit or contact the Town Hall at 434-374-8177.

We thank you for your assistance in this matter.