Water Line Improvements in Clarksville

Water Line Improvements in Clarksville

Clarksville has been awarded a partial grant from the Virginia Department of Health for needed improvements to Clarksville’s public water distribution system.  These improvements will result in improved water quality, higher and more uniform water pressure. The new lines will also result in lower water losses.

The Harman Saunders Construction Company has begun installing larger lines under the present sidewalk along South College Street from the railroad trestle toVirginia Avenue. After Lakefest, a line will be installed in the eastbound lane of Virginia Avenue from South College to Seventh Street. Other actions include a new line starting at Buffalo Road, following Ferry Street to Forest Hill Drive and a new line from Virginia Avenue up Easley Street and Cresent Drive, tying into an existing line on Altavista Drive. Additionally, a new line will be installed at Virginia Avenue and Second Street, going up to Market Street, and ending at Fourth Street, and there will be a line extended up Russell Street fromVirginia Avenue to an existing line just beyond the railroad.

Plans include notifying all affected customers at least five days prior to turning water off to connect the new lines to the existing system. Should emergencies occur, repairs will be made as quickly as possible. The Town hopes to minimize inconvenience to citizens and motorists while completing the work before the end of the paving season.  Traffic management will be handled as required under VDOT regulations.

 “These improvements are essential to deliver high quality water of sufficient pressure to meet residential and commercial needs in our Town,” said Interim Town Manager  Charles Lee,” and the generous grant provisions make this a very responsible investment  in the Town’s  efforts to modernize parts of our  infrastructure.” The Virginia Department of Health grant will provide for 60 percent of the cost and a long term loan for the remaining 40 percent of the $1,400,000 cost.

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